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Add-ons for Train Simulator Classic (ex. RailWorks, Train Simulator 2021) from third-party authors can be found on our forum RailUnion.net
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Video-lesson: Driving TEM2 in RailWorks -

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Until the new year is just a few hours! Boys and girls! Congratulations on your upcoming event, and with pure heart and with entire RRS Team we wish you to make your dreams come true, families reigned understanding, and the problems have forgotten the way to your house! Also we wish all in general and railway workers in particular the creative and production success!

And let the first miracle in anticipation of the new year will happen right now! We finally publish the long awaited release!
Add-on for RailWorks: Shunter TEM2 pack #1
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New video: Diesel locomotive TEM2 in the RailWorks -
Release soon, here!
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New route for Trainz. BAM: Udokan - Kodar -
Suddenly! in section Downloads / Auran Trainz published a new route BAM: Udokan - Kodar (Taksimo - Hani). And besides him yet new tracks and rail bridges.
So catch all it on RailroadSim, and do not say that you did not catch! :)
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TEM2U-9330 with cars -
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Day of the RAILWAYMAN 2010! -
All those for whom the railway is not just a mode of transportation, all who work on the railroad and all those have interest, we congratulate on the holiday, Day Railwayman!
Let the authorities will be adequate, let the machines is reliable, let the dispatcher with the understanding will treat the work locomotive crews, let the health will be best, railway workers!
All the same, who is only going to become a railway worker, wish to successfully pass the medical examination, successfully complete their training, and finally take its, fate intended, place in a group of railway workers!

New addons for Microsoft Train Simulator are available
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Characters for Rail Simulator & RailWorks -
In section Downloads / Rail Simulator & RailWorks available new Peoples pack #1.
You can share your impressions on the forum.
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New cranes KDE253 for Trainz -
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Gondola and transporter for Trainz, and new videos -
In section Downloads / Auran Trainz are available:

In section Video published ten new videos, including an excursion of the electric locomotives CHS2.
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