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TEM7A-0341 diesel locomotive for MSTS -
We've all been waiting for this novelty, and finally eight-axle beautiful here and now: shunting locomotive TEM7A-0341 for the good-old Microsoft Train Simulator. Vote if you liked it!
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TEM2M-035 shunter for MSTS -
In section Downloads / MSTS available new Shunting diesel locomotive TEM2M-035! Today, author of this exclusive repaint, Anton Alferov, have a holiday - a Birth Day! With all our team we are congratulate you, Anton! :)
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Day of the Railwayman 2011 -
All who are interested in the railroad and all those who work in the rail industry - congratulate on the Railwayman Day!
Guys, good health to you, wish-fulfilling, successful work and bright prospects! Happiness and prosperity in your families!
And if for anyone of you railroad has recently become more than a hobby - a place of work, the we wish to you not to be disappointed in his choice, and continue your successful career path, in spite of any difficulties. Your choice is worthy of respect!

Well, on occasion, new technic for fans of Microsoft Train Simulator: published new shunting locomotive TEM18D-033, and previously released TEM3-022 has been updated.
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Cabview for DC electric locomotive CHS2k -
In section Downloads / MSTS published Cabview for DC electric locomotive CHS2k, which is animated and has day and night views. Get it now! :)
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Animated сabview for electric locomotive CHS4t -
In section Downloads / MSTS republished Cabview #1 for electric locomotive CHS4t, which has been seriously improved. Now cab is animated and has day and night views.
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MSTS: TEM2-5459 shunter -
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Happy Victory Day! -
Peace and goodness to all! Go to Downloads / MSTS for the Freight diesel locomotive 2TE116-340!
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Peace, Labour, May! -
Congratulations to all with the Labour Day! In this regard, we invite you to the Downloads Section for the MSTS novelties: Freight diesel locomotive 2TE116-1739 and 8-axle gondola car.
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2TE116-1638 -
Brilliant 2TE116-1638 on the wide spaces of your Microsoft Train Simulator. I like it..
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2TE116-1620 -
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