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Shunter TEM2: pack #1 -
This is the first full-fledged russian add-on for RailWorks. It is totally exclusive and independent: all models, sounds, cabins, configs, scripts - everything is done hands of developers RailroadSim team, add-on does not use any default game content. All its own.

Add-on includes
  • Shunter TEM2 in four liveries with the individual models, realistic cabin and sounds, and exclusive Driver Character model.
  • Four-axle tanker (mod.15-150) for the transportation of petroleum products in two liveries, with realistic sounds.

We should also pay attention to the fact that with help of scripts was able to realize many of the tasty features that are absent in the game engine by default. More about this add-on.

Andrey Podlesnyy aka Mr. Angelo
Pavel Olyunin aka DefCon
Anton Surkov aka Suria
Aleksandr Krasnov aka Le Sandro
Vitaliy Alenkin aka malchik
Aleksey Leshok aka AlexL
Aleksey Alekseev aka AlexeeFF
Artem aka Gorohovyy
Nikita Vasiliev aka KuT
Aleksandr Sharshatkin aka Sharsh
Anton Kopkin aka ToxA
Gennadiy aka GSTrainz
Dmitriy Belyaev aka Rokky
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