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Patch for diesel locomotive 2TE10M-0337 -
Patch, updating "diesel locomotive 2TE10M-0337" version 1.0 up to version 1.1

Diesel locomotive 2TE10M-0337 versions 1.1, completely we compose to a patch MSTSBin, versions are not lower 1.6.092223 to load it is possible on a site mstsbin.uktrainsim.com
Faces: 9755

Model: Kolesnikov Alexander (c) aka Wasp
Textures: Olynin Pavel (c) aka DefCon
Trusov Georgiy (c) aka Egor
Kolesnikov Alexander (c) aka Wasp
Technical tuning:Olunin Pavel (c) aka DefCon
Photomaterial: Zverev Igor (c) aka St.A.N
Version: 1.1    Size: 249.6 Kb    Hits: 9245

Patch for the Cabview #1 of electric locomotives CHS4t -
Patch for Cabview #1 electric locomotives CHS4t The patch updating " the Cabview #1 for an electric locomotive of an alternating current of Russian railways ChS4t (day time and night variants) " Versions 0.1 alpha up to version 0.2 an alpha.

The cabin of version 0.2 an alpha, is completely compatible to a patch for MS Train Simulator, versions not below 1.6.092223, download it here:mstsbin.uktrainsim.com

Tunning and setting cabview:Olynin Pavel (c) aka DefCon
Kostikov Nikita (c) aka NERO
Trusov Georgiy (c) aka Egor
Photomaterial:Vargatiy Ivan (c) ака Eagle755
Version: 0.2 alfa    Size: 193.5 Kb    Hits: 10441
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