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About what speech? About, that KRS has no at the standard of the adjustments of wide resolutions of the screen.
The 3D-world of KRS on the wide display, at least, strange will look.
But there is a way to start KRS in that screen resolution what is required provided that your videosystem supports the required screen resolution to you.

Let's start.

We need the Hex-editor. I prefer Hex-workshop, but you can use any another to your taste.
For the beginning make a backup copy of a file railsim.exe which is in a directory of KRS.
Open railsim.exe with Hex-editor.

Screenshot: Main window of program Hex-workshop

In field 1 bytes, in hexadecimal system, are grouped by 2 bytes. Everyone 2 symbols in this field - 1 byte. The file begins with a byte 4D.
In field 2 text representation of a file.
In field 3 You can see different representation of the information which stores in byte or group of bytes. To us required only Unsigned Short two-byte number without a mark.

Let's replace one of offered screen resolutions.
I shall replace the resolution 1280960 to 1280800, for my notebook.

1280 convert in a hexadecimal notation. It is possible to use the usual Calculator from Windows, only it is necessary to choose an engineer view.
1280 have converted in hexadecimal system, and have received 500, and if to be exact, 0500 two-byte number without a mark.

Screenshot: bytes converting in Calculator

Now the important point - bytes sequence should be written upside-down. Why so, it is possible to gather from a rate of computer science. And so that to find in file a 1280 we should search a 0005.
The same do with 960. In hexadecimal notation it looks as 03C0. Let's write upside-down and receive as result C003.
I shall tell as, that values of height and width of screen resolution in a file are divided by two zero bytes: 0000. It is found out by practical consideration.

And so, we shall search for a sequence of bytes 00050000C003. Type of a pattern of search Hex Values.

Screenshot: Search and replacement in Hex-workshop

It is necessary to replace this sequence to 000500002003.

What has changed? The 1280 has remained. Two dividing bytes 0000 has remained too.
800 have converted in hexadecimal system, and have received 0320. Let's write upside-down and receive as result 2003.
It is necessary to find 00050000C003 and replace it to 000500002003.

Just we have replaced values of height and width of screen resolution. Now we shall replace the text appropriate to the given values in the dropping out list, in a window of game launcher.
We search for a text string 1280x960. Type of a pattern of search Text String.

Also we change the found fragment in field 2 so that it has turned to 1280800.
It is all actions. Save changed railsim.exe. Start the game.
In a starting window we have time to press the button Options, in appeared window with adjustments we chose from the list our resolution 1280800.
Press a button Test, then, if no error messages, press OK.
If at the test you have a error message: Unsupported resolution or multisampling options, that it means that your videosystem does not support setted screen resolution.

Screenshot: The error message

Good luck.

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